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Hi – we are Dan & Lee and this is our blog of our round the world trip. We start on 1st November 2012 by heading to Bangkok and return in May 2013 from Rio. Please feel free to ask questions, make comments or just say hello.

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  1. Hey there – nice site!!! I expect great things from this blog! Lots of photos please. So where is your first destination? Are you packed yet? Luce xxx

  2. Website looks awesome! Miss you already have a safe flight. Make sure you start off with champagne and then you can slum it later x

    • Thanks Dawn – we’re in Chiang Mai and due to head on today. Internet has been very slow but finally got the latest up… Hope all is well with you. Dx

  3. Hey boys
    Just saying hi. Have added this to my favourites and will be checking up on you both regularly!
    lots of love & beers

    • Hi Gorgeous, lovely to hear from you. Having a fab time. Glad to hear you’re following us. Hope all is well, back home. Love you loads. Lxx

  4. Hello loved the update on Bangkok reminded me of our last Hols – great start with the upgrade – we had one too on our 1st night. We are in gatwick tonight ready for Antigua tom – heaven x

  5. Seb Coe was on BBC Breakfast as he has written his book about the Olympics and Paralympics. Wonder if he mentioned us at the Grange City Hotel.
    Hope one day I will be as courageous as you two to get on a plane and go where I want to go.

  6. Hi there,
    This is Heather from the Elephant Village excursion in Luang Prabang. Gene and I arrive in Siem Reap tomorrow afternoon for 4 nights. Gene and I would love to catch up with you guys while we’re all there, so shoot me an email if you can.

    • Hi Heather,

      Really lovely to hear from you. I’m sorry to say we’ve moved on from Siem Reap already! We spend two awesome days exploring the temples and saw sunrise at Angkor Wat before we headed to Phnom Penh where we are now. It’s a quick stop off here too as we head to HCMC tomorrow but if you are heading down here we are staying at a hotel called The 240 which is lovely.

      I have been having a look at your blog too and sounds like you’ve had quite a few interesting experiences – I loved the bus timetable!

      Safe travels


  7. So it is 2am and I am up feeding max and checking your blog for updates again. You guys are lifesavers for me as whenever there is no update I end up Internet shopping instead. I have bought so much crap that seemed like a good idea when I am sleep deprived so pls keep up the regular posts….

    Trip sounds awesome. Highlight of my week so far was attempting to dance to Ricky Martin music with max at Latino bambino. I could not have been more awkward but defo have the embarrassing mum dance nailed. How different our lives are right now!

    Miss you loads x

  8. Am loving reading the blog. How interesting you were on the Mekong river – made famous in ‘Apocalypse Now’! The weather is -2 in Edinburgh. Take care. Luv, Steve.

  9. Just caught up with your latest addition to the blog. Watching Sports Personality … and bringing back such happy summer memories of the fun we had as Gamesmakers. How proud we were to be one of the 70K. ( and still are). Stay safe, both of you.

  10. Happy New Year!! Loving the blog, just been getting my latest updates! Glad you are having a fab time. Feels like you have been away forever already! Take care, safe travels xx

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