Luang Prabang

So to the gorgeous UNESCO world heritage site of Luang Prabang. A very beautiful place where the meander of the Nam Khan River meets the mighty Mekong. We spent a few days chilling out, exploring the palace of the former royal family that is now a museum.

361 steps up but worth the view over Luang Prabang


Wat interior in the Royal Palace Grounds

Nam Kahn River

This is a beautiful part of the world where life seems to slow and you can meander the streets, enjoy the night market, have fantastic Lao food – the Laap is lovely if a little messy where you take a handful of sticky rice and meat (minced buffalo is the best)

Spent time with elephants…







The hotel is a little out of the centre of town so we run the daily tuk tuk gauntlet which is really fun and the breeze is welcome. The owner is a lovely 20 year old who just crosses the line into intense a bit. How was breakfast?/did you sleep?/ is wifi okay?/was your trip okay? What time did you get in last night?/Do you like my hotel? Really friendly and lovely but as I said a little on the obsessive side and also whose mood depends entirely on traveller reviews! To be fair Tripadvisor is king pretty much everywhere with well rated places displaying certificates as badges of honour and a great rating can add a significant amount to the room rate but it is a fascinating move on in travel as is how widespread wifi is – even in a remote village along the Mekong! Anyway here’s a couple of photos of us relaxing in Lao Lao Garden

We have met some very nice people – two Australian couples – 2 nurses and Lilian and Murray (who live in a tin cabin in the forest in Western Australia), Louise and Chris from Deal, Louisa and Mark who are out for 5 months and who we might meet again in Vietnam and Gene and Heather from San Francisco who are on a 4 month trip that also covers Africa and hopefully we’ll see again in S America (their blog is here


Changing our plans a bit now as we’re not going to do Vietnam justice if we don’t get a move on so we’re flying from Luang Prabang to….

Cambodia and Siem Reap to see Angkor Wat. Even though we’re flying from Laos to Cambodia the flight’s operated by Vietnam airways. It’s less than 500 miles but the flight takes 2 hours on this prop plane. Not complaining though as the bus takes 36 hours!


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  1. I’ve so enjoyed reading thro this it’s so funny! Dan ur doing a very good job at remembering the finer details lol!!!! Love 2 u both xx

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