Hong Kong

Sorry for the delay – we will post about that in a minute but here is the Hong Kong update from our time there in early December. It was written soon after but didn’t get chance to post…

And finally for Asia – Hong Kong. It’s been a few years since we’ve been and it is another great and different Asian city. Space is limited and that is reflected in the room we’ve taken for 3 nights.

It’s really only a bit of a stop over and somewhere to relax a little. The city is really easy to navigate whether it’s the air-conditioned underground with the Octopus cards which was a trail-blazer and where the Oyster came from. The Octopus however can be used anywhere so on trains, boats, paying tolls on the road, coffee shops, other shops – the list is endless.

Shopping here is major and there is nothing you can’t get be it the huge designer stores – Chanel, Prada, Gucci etc, electricals basically you name it you can get it. The obligatory dodgy men try to sell you things and here it’s suits and imitation watches.

We took the peak tram to the top of Victoria to get a great view of the city and walked down – practice for Peru! The midtown escalators are brilliant and you can’t help loving riding them up the street.

Every Wednesday is race night at Happy Valley Racecourse on Hong Kong island. It is a brilliant night out with a racecourse surrounded by high-rise flats. It’s only HK$10 to get in and you can have a small flutter and a few drinks. We actually had quite a good run getting at least a place in all of the races and might even have broken even! We were also treated to a firework display there – the second of our trip so far.

Checking out of the box room we stowed the luggage for our last day in HK and Asia. We decided to explore a couple of the market areas and walked through the aromatic flower market, the slightly disturbing bird market with screaming birds and finally goldfish street – pretty self explanatory really.

Think 2 in the bush would be better










Christmas is everywhere in HK and sometimes it borders on the random as you can see. There seems to be a lot of musical interpretations of carols being played through every tannoy system. We have to confess to a couple of Starbucks trips to enjoy gingerbread lattes and that sense of Christmas – they are going to start paying UK tax aren’t they?!

Reindeers – fairly Christmassy. Alice in Wonderland – less so!

Hong Kong, with this Christmas Tree you are really spoiling us!

And that completes the Asia part of the trip. It’s been absolutely brilliant and we’ve really only scratched the surface over the last 5 weeks. Next stop Australia…

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