Let’s get started

Hi everyone! So here it is – the travel blog/journal/ramblings of mad men – whatever you want to call it! Hopefully it will be a bit of a record of the trip and let anyone that’s interested see our progress. If nothing else I have learned how to create a URL.

Oh and as a practice here’s a picture of us!

One thought on “Let’s get started

  1. So I thought I’d get your travel blog started….. Have fun, laugh, cry, scream and if course get shit faced while doing all of the above. Oh and you better do some of the sights and cultural stuff while your there!!!!

    Make sure you update this as I for one want to hate you both when I’m getting up in the dark, shitty English winter to drag my arse to work while you to are experiencing the wonders of the world.

    Love to you both – take care of one another Becks, Seal & the Boys xx

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